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About This Site...
Zion National Park
Zion National Park
This site is a demonstration site for my Kickstarter campaign! It shows what I would like to accomplish for the 11 states west of the rockies. In the same way that visitors to this site can click on a Utah highway, town or national park and see photos taken nearby, if my Kickstarter campaign is successful I will do the same for
Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho,
Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico
Hello, my name is Brian DuPraw and I created this Utah website originally as part of what I hoped would become a go-to site for out-of-state or overseas visitors planning to see the western United States. I wanted to photograph the major and minor highways and towns of the beautiful states west of the Rockies to show people what kind of pastoral scenery they might encounter if they took a particular route to their destination. I would make money by pay-per-click advertising or selling my web programming services. Kickstarter's rules don't allow eCommerce websites as end-results of their users' campaigns, so if this project is funded it will be a non-commercial site that would still provide value for vacationing visitors.

I didn't have the money to complete the project to the degree I would have liked (covering all 11 Western states) so I put the project on hold, although I never abandoned it. This site shows that I was not stopped by the lack of ability to pull it off, and the fact that I have launched a Kickstarter campaign shows I haven't lost my drive for the project (pun intended)! No, this project was put on hold solely due to that timeless showstopper, lack of money!

Turns out I was just waiting for Kickstarter to come along! They provide a venue for people with projects like this to describe what they want to accomplish and good-hearted people who would like to help them bring their projects to life pledge an amount they're comfortable with to help them reach their goal. Kickstarter campaigns are all-or-nothing, so if enough people believe in the project and its originator to reach the funding goal the project will go forward. If it falls short of its goal in a fixed amount of time no one is charged and he is left to figure out another way to fund it.

So please enjoy your virtual visit to Utah, then head over to Kickstarter and pledge what you can to enable me to make similar sites for the other ten western states.